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Conference Program Coming Soon

Our full speaker schedule is coming soon. You’ll be able to choose any sessions you like from our four education tracks to get the most out of your Convention experience:

  • General Education – Timely information and resources to maximize the quality of your facility’s long-term care.
  • Leadership & Workforce Development – Level up your leadership skills, inspire and engage your staff, and make your facility a better place to work.
  • Regulatory & Legal – Ensure your facility is abiding by all laws and regulations, and avoid unnecessary citations, sanctions, and/or fines.
  • Clinical – Provide exceptional care to the residents in your facility and be prepared for diverse medical and wellness needs.

Interested in presenting at our September conference or an upcoming webinar? Submit your presentation proposal today.

Annual Convention Keynote:

Let Humor Work

The WHCA Annual Convention keynote is intended to inspire and encourage our long-term care community—and no more so than this year! Please plan to join us for Lon Keiffer’s upbeat session, “Let Humor Work,” at the Spokane Davenport Grand Hotel. This session will provide a lighthearted look at how humor is essential in the long-term care workplace, where stress is certain. Lon will help participants understand cognitive distortions that can occur with chronic stress and will provide great tips for overcoming “stinking thinking.”

Regardless of your role and position in long-term care, this session will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your own style and become inspired by the opportunity to create community with your team and others through shared experiences.

Lon Keiffer has a breadth of experience in long-term care as a nurse, and a nursing home administrator. His style is informed by his early experience as “One of Baltimore’s Funniest Young Comedians” in 1986 and continues his work to build community and synergy in healthcare.

Full Schedule to be released soon! Check out a preview of some of the invaluable sessions we’ll be offering below.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Train to Retain-How Investing in Professional Development Reduces Turnover

Presented by Dr. Michele Carr



MyHealth, MyData

Presented by Gregory Pyle & Magdalena Bragun

Lane Powell


Don’t Answer the Ring

Presented by Jeff Mason

Serengeti Care


Wound Care in the Patient with Alzheimer’s Disease

Presented by Dr. Michele Carr



Wellness: A Different Perspective

Presented by Beth Payne

Independence Rehab


Learn to Love (or at least like) Your Job Again… And Help Your Team to do the Same

Presented by Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones Consulting LLC


Legislative Session: Where We Are & Where We’re Going

Presented by WHCA Government Relations Team



Stigma and Stipend Overview

Presented by Grant Hulteen


Keynote: Let Humor Work

Presented by Lon Kieffer

Defenders of Caregiving


Dementia Programming: Back to the Future!

Presented by Tia Hovatter

Health Consultants Plus, Inc


Hiring for Safety

Presented by Shamus Harmon



Roads to Community Living: Washington’s Money Follows the Person Program

Presented by Julie Cope



Rock Solid Person-Centered Service Planning

Presented Rebecca Evans

Consulting Resources


Resident Council: Meeting Madness!

Presented by Tia Hovatter

Health Consultants Plus, Inc


Surrogate Decision Making

Presented by Sascha Schilbach

Lane Powell


The Med Pass: Promoting Quality in Medication Management

Presented by Vicki McNealley & Kelli Carr

WHCA and Consonus Healthcare


Safe Home: Embracing Diversity, Shaping Inclusive Futures for Older Adults in Washington

Presented by Charles P Hoy-Ellis



Best Kept Secret – A Potential Solution for the Turnover/Burnout Problem in Health Care

Presented by Matt Flemming

Sunshine Health Facilities, Inc.


Reasonable Accommodations and Ergonomics

Presented by Shamus Harmon



Behavioral Health Management in Nursing Facilities and Substance Abuse

Presented by David Rodriguez



Supporting Your Neurodivergent (I/DD) Residents

Presented by Heather Bartholomew


Expecting the Unexpected: DOSH Compliance Inspections

Presented by Shamus Harmon



Documentation Basics and Tracking Behaviors

Presented by Krystle Malo



Understanding Lewy Body Dementia

Presented by Lori Dierolf

EBS and Behavioral Programs

Presented by Dr. Kristina Kovacs



Deciphering The Code: Understanding New Requirements for Flow, Doors, Dampers, and the Like

Presented by Kimberly Bloor



Treatment of Hard-to-Heal Wounds

Presented by Pamela Scarborough

United Wound Healing


Find, Verify, and Get Paid for Your Med B Supplies: A Live Demonstration

Presented by Eric Hansen

Burst Medical Billing


What’s in Your QAPI Plan?

Presented by Nina Sanderson & Shannon Finegood



Preparing For the Future – Emergency Preparedness & Infection Prevention and Control in Long Term Care

Presented by Linda Dunn



Crisis Response and De-escalation

Presented by Krystle Malo



Referrals and Reimbursement: Understanding the Correlation Between Key SNF Success Factors

Presented by Sarah Scott



Bridging the Gap: Workforce Development from Gen X to Gen Z

Presented by Jennifer Brown

Caldera Care


Huntington’s Disease: Following the Genetic Links

Presented by Lori Dierolf


Grow Your Occupancy!

Presented by Dresden Cincurak


DEI/Health Equity in Leadership

Presented by Michelle Joseph


State Staffing Requirements and Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) – Impacts and Insights

Presented by Nathan Anderson



Director of Nursing 101: Fundamentals of Clinical System Management

Presented by Jennifer Brown

Caldera Care

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