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WHCA Group Purchasing

WHCA Group Purchasing

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The Washington Health Care Association and the Washington Center for Assisted Living have teamed with Navigator Group Purchasing Services to provide a powerful group purchasing program for members. This program is one that not only entitles your facility to group discounts and great pricing on the food and medical supplies you already buy, it also offers a rebate of 1.25% on everything you purchase at participating merchants.

Here’s how it works

Enroll in WHCA’s Group Purchasing Program by completing a membership agreement and sending it to The Navigator office at the address or fax number provided below. Then, when you shop at the suppliers who participate in the program, 1.25 percent of all purchases will be credited back. 80 percent of the rebate money is directly applied to the monthly membership dues you pay to WHCA, and 20 percent of the rebate money is applied to association expenses incurred on the behalf of the membership, including, but not limited to, legislative efforts, regulatory assistance, educational events, quality assurance programs, written communications and association benefits such as this one.

An example of how you will benefit

If a facility spends $12,000 on food and/or medical supplies at participating merchants, you will earn a rebate of $150.00. Out of that rebate, $120.00 will be directly applied to the membership dues for your facility. That is a powerful return on your purchase! The remain $30.00 goes to association expenses as outlined above.

You can join today!

If you have questions, please contact Juanita Taurman at (800) 562-6170 ext. 103 or

To enroll, please reach out to Kristy Kelson-Reynolds at (509) 590-5747 or via email at

Let’s Review!

  • Shop at businesses of your choice at group discounted rates.
    Pay no joining fee.
  • Enjoy a rebate of 1.25% on all purchases at participating merchants.
    Pay no joining fee.
  • Get money back on routine purchases.
    Pay no joining fee.


Kristy Kelson-Reynolds
Tel (509) 590-5747

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