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CMP Grant Support

CMP Grant Support

Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) grants come from monetary penalties imposed by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) against skilled nursing facilities. A portion of these penalty funds are reinvested to support skilled living facilities through grants that seek to improve quality of care or quality of life of residents. All Medicare and/or Medicaid certified SNFs in Washington are eligible to participate in the CMP grant-funded projects.

For more information on how WHCA can help your facility obtain a CMP grant, please contact Pat Sylvia at

Here are just some examples of ways CMP grants have been used in Washington:


Eldergrow Therapeutic Gardens

Eldergrow provides expert educators to help residents connect with nature and get their hands dirty! Eldergrow’s mobile, indoor therapeutic gardens are accessible for seated, wheeled, or standing residents. The therapeutic horticulture program combines sensory gardens and on-site educators who teach evidence-based, therapeutic horticulture classes that improve life for our growing community of older adults living in residential and nursing care. Future grant opportunities are pending. Details coming soon!





SilverKite Community Arts

SilverKite Community Arts uses the arts as a tool to promote creative engagement in all stages of life, bridge generations, and work towards eliminating the effects of loneliness. Through innovative, award-winning programs and services, SilverKite strives to promote joy, build relationships, and strengthen communities – one connection at a time.

SilverKite works with facilities to provide art and activity kits for residents, as well as training and support for creative ways to use them. Past, Current and NEW – Spark Boxes and MOREArts Grants.

For more information, visit

In the News: Oct 24, 2023 | How a Unique Seattle Theater Company Bridges the Generation Gap | The Seattle Times




Violett Air Purifiers

CMS recently approved additional funding to support improved air quality at skilled nursing facilities. Violett air filters have been approved under the CMP grant program in Washington. They use a combination of UVC light, Violett vortex technology, and HEPA filtration to greatly reduce viral load and ensure your residents have clean, safe air – especially during cold, flu, and RSV season.

Washington Healthcare Association partnered with Violett to bring their technology to 65 of our member communities as part of our initiative to provide advanced air disinfection and odor elimination technology to those who need it most.  Developed through collaboration with elder care communities, their cutting-edge technology enhances safety for staff and residents in shared spaces across Washington.

For more information about the filtration system, visit For information about how a CMP grant can help your facility to get cleaner air, or make other quality of life improvements, contact



Joy in Their Journey – Dementia Training Online Training (one year)


  • Attain fundamental education on dementia and dementia care
  • Learn communication techniques
  • Foster sensitivity and respect for residents living with dementia
  • Implement sensitive approaches for assisting residents with activities of daily living
  • Improve the quality of life and quality of care of residents living with dementia

Trainer: Melonie Tindall  BA, MCS, CDP, CADDCT, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, Founder/President, Premier Senior Services and Consulting

Download the brochure >

If you are interested in participating in our next grant application, please contact Pat at



Gentle Passage Collective – End of Life Doula Training

Online training (once a week for 8 weeks)

Gentle Passage Doula Collective empowers individuals to offer compassionate end-of-life care. This grant will begin implementing the “End of Life Doula Training” in WHCA skilled nursing facilities beginning in March 2024.  The goal of the project is to prepare and equip staff with tools to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities to ease the pain and suffering residents and their families may experience at the end of life.  Staff will be able to provide support by implementing non-medical approaches and appropriate communication skills.  Participants will complete a two-hour training each week, as well as a pre-test to determine their existing knowledge base and a post-test to determine their knowledge improvement.


Trainers: Bonnie Blachly MN, RN, CEOLD and Team – Gentle Passage Doula Collective Learn more.


If you are interested in participating in our next grant application, please contact Pat at






JAVA Group Programs for Dementia

The Java Music Club program is a research-based peer support activity group program designed for older adults. The program has been implemented in over 1800 organizations across Canada and the US, including skilled nursing homes.

This program is intuitive and easy to facilitate by recreation staff, residents, volunteers or family members. The focus is on peer support – residents helping residents – which adds purpose and meaning to their lives. Program materials include step-by-step instructions, a group manual, a facilitator’s guide, a hand-carved talking stick, an implementation training DVD, and 8 CD’s of custom recorded music in lower singable keys.

The group manual includes 52 themes chosen by the research participants, 52 large-size photographs indexed to match the themes, quotes and readings and indexed music. The program is added to a regular recreation program calendar and scheduled weekly, twice a week or daily in each neighborhood/area of the organization.

Learn more >

If you are interested in participating in our current grant application, please contact Pat at



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