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Skilled Nursing Membership

Skilled Nursing Membership

If your facility is an Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility, when you join WHCA you automatically become a member of our national affiliate representing the interests of long term care in Washington D.C., the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and/or National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL). AHCA/NCAL’s important role on the national long term care scene has become even more critical with the recent onslaught of federal rules for skilled nursing facilities and the increasing focus on residential care and assisted living. The relationship between WHCA and AHCA/NCAL describes many of the accomplishments of both organizations, as both require each other to adequately address the many issues now facing long term care facilities.  Becoming an active member of the AHCA/NCAL can have many great benefits, not the least of which is participation in the political process at the national level.

Membership Application

Select the best description for your long-term or residential care community:
Areas of Interest: Please check the areas where you are most interested:

As an authorized representative of the above-named facility, I hereby make application on behalf of the facility for status as a Regular Member of the Washington Health Care Association. I hereby certify the above-named facility is currently licensed by the state of Washington and has as its principal purpose the provision of residential care services. If accepted for membership, I pledge the facility will support WHCA's Bylaws and such codes of ethics and standards as may be established by the Board of Governors, and will ensure, to the best of my abilities, the provision of services consistent with Federal, State and Peer Review Standards. I hereby certify that I am aware of provision 2(c) of Article II of the WHCA Bylaws which states: "If a facility seeks membership, all facilities, portions, units or beds thereof under common control, ownership or operation which are located in the state of Washington must become members."

Consent to Receive Electronic Meeting Notices via Email(Required)

The undersigned hereby consents, pursuant to RCW 24.03.009 to receipt of notice by electronic transmission of correspondence regarding membership in the Washington Healthcare Association. Notice provided pursuant to this consent will meet the requirements of RCW 24.03. and will be considered effective when it is electronically transmitted to the address, location, or system provided by the member herein.

This consent may be revoked or amended at any time by the member and shall be deemed revoked if the Association is unable to transmit two consecutive notices in accordance with this consent and this ability becomes known to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association or other person responsible for giving the notice.

You are applying for membership with Washington Health Care Association. By checking this box, you agree to pay membership dues and note that cancellation must be made in writing thirty days prior to cancellation effective date.(Required)
WHCA dues are based on the number of licensed skilled nursing beds in your facility. WHCA will look up the number of licensed beds by the license number you have provided in the DSHS database. If you feel the DSHS database information is incorrect, please contact our office at (800) 562-6170, extension 110.
I have read and understand the statement above re: WHCA dues:(Required)

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