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The WHCA resume page is an opportunity for you to post your qualifications and background for employers to consider. We keep resumes posted for one year or until you ask for it to be taken down (whichever is sooner). This page is hidden from public search results; however, we cannot guarantee your resume will not be found by search engines.

    • Sophia Barber has her Washington NAR and looking to complete her CNA. She has completed CNA training through online and person classes, and is looking to fulfill training hours.
    • Mary Nickel is looking for a nursing home administrator job in Washington state
    • Tara Miller is looking to relocate to Washington and is searching for an ED position with the opportunity for growth or a Regional Director position
    • Kristin Alas
    • Samantha M Mosser
    • George W. Wiemerslage is currently available for interim/project opportunities
    • Joseph Mooney is looking for a position as General Manager, Property Manager and/or Director of Operations in assisted living communities