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Washington Health Care Association actively participates in the development and implementation of public policy impacting the providers of skilled nursing and assisted living care and services, and supports its members in achieving compliance with the regulations impacting operations. In addition to the information provided in publications, workshops, conferences and conventions, WHCA’s knowledgeable staff provides professional consultation to members.

  • Providing information and training that set the standard for best practices in long term care service delivery in skilled and assisted living care.
  • Professional consultation on survey response and informal dispute resolution processes.
  • Representing members’ interests with regulators and policymakers on statewide boards, committees, task forces and work groups.
  • Working in cooperation with administrative agencies, stakeholders and others, WHCA works to facilitate dialogue on behalf of individual providers and on behalf of the entire association.
  • Sharing WHCA’s experience and perspectives regarding those practices that promote compliance with regulations and satisfaction with customers.

Check back to this area of the website for updates and information about regulatory practices issues, and check out the following resources for information relevant to our regulatory issues work.

For more information contact the WHCA Regulatory Issues Team.

Survey and Regulatory Updates for AL and SNF

MDS Updates

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