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Trauma Informed Care-Requirements Under F699 for Skilled Nursing Facilities

There is a continuing focus and pressure from regulatory agencies to ensure that facilities provide trauma informed and culturally competent care. The federal requirements outline the expectations for skilled nursing facilities in the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) §483.25. F699 states that the facility must ensure that residents who are trauma survivors receive culturally competent, trauma‐informed care in accordance with professional standards of practice and accounting for residents’ experiences and preferences to eliminate or mitigate triggers that may cause re‐ traumatization of the resident.
Besides looking at F699, in November 2022, CMS also added a new requirement in F656 which requires the resident’s comprehensive care plan be culturally competent and trauma informed. The intent of this new requirement is to ensure each resident’s comprehensive care plan includes approaches to address the resident’s cultural preferences and reflects trauma‐informed care when appropriate.
CMS’s guidance directs surveyors to review residents to ensure that those with a history of trauma care planned interventions which consider the experiences and preferences of the resident. The approaches planned and implemented by the facility should attempt to eliminate or mitigate triggers that may cause re-traumatization and psychosocial harm to the resident. The care plan should also be person-centered, comprehensive and include approaches that address cultural preferences, values, and practices. Read more.
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