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Winter Conference 2024

Winter Conference 2024

We’re Excited to Connect With You!

WHCA’s Virtual Winter Conference is a fantastic opportunity to connect virtually with other long-term care providers from throughout Washington, and to learn invaluable skills and insights to help your facility provide quality care.

Invite your colleagues and save! Get a $50 discount for each additional attendee when 2 or more individuals from your facility register.

Reach for The Sky – Spitting in the Face of the Staffing Crisis

Presenter: Steve Moran, Senior Living Foresight

Long-term care is in the middle of the worst staffing crisis they have ever experienced. Solutions seem impossible – but there are things you can do. Steve will be sharing specific and proven strategies for becoming the long-term care employer of choice in any market. It is possible to have team members who love coming to work every day, who never want to leave, and who will recruit their friends and family to be a part of your organization.

To stay up-to-date on the 2024 Virtual Winter Conference, please bookmark this page, or follow WHCA on LinkedIn or Facebook. We will be posting frequent updates to this page between now and the conference.

Conference Schedule

Registrants will receive their digital program, including links to access each session via Zoom, on Friday, January 26. All conference materials and information will be sent to the email address that was used during registration. 

Tuesday, January 30

Wednesday, January 31

Thursday, February 1

8:30am – 10:00am

10 Critical Employment Law Compliance Issues

Christine Thelen – Shareholder, Lane Powell PC

Gain techniques for effectively addressing employee complaints in this invaluable session. Topics discussed will include, among others, critical employment policies, issues related to compensation, and managing attendance.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


Staff Safety & Resident Behaviors

Shamus Harmon – Safety Trainer, ERNWest

Starting with a layman’s reading of the relevant laws, this class will explore common, effective techniques to safely provide care in an often-challenging environment.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


Safely Improving Resident Quality of Life

Krystle Malo – Behavioral Health Training Specialist, DSHS

Come join us for an interactive training to gain insight and ideas on how to improve resident quality of life! We will brainstorm ideas on what is possible and how to incorporate this into facilities. Participants will be asked to share their ideas.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


1:00pm – 2:00pm

Workforce Development and Retention Toolkit

Stephanie Marko, MBA, SHRM-CP – Workforce Development & Retention Program Specialist, DSHS/ALTSA

This presentation will highlight the work that ALTSA is doing and provide an overview of the Retention Toolkit, which was created with input from direct care workers and supervisors, responses to surveys and focus groups.



Back to Basics-Information for Facilities Staff

Kimberly Bloor – Deputy State Fire Marshal, Washington State Patrol

What are the citations that the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office cites every year? There are a couple of big ones, and it’s easy for you to stop getting cited for them.

  AL     SNF  


Legislative Update

WHCA Gov/Leadership Team

Join the WHCA Government Relations team for an in-depth briefing covering everything you need to know about the 2024 legislative session. Whether it’s assisted living Medicaid funding, the transition to PDPM, or a bill that threatens the foundations of home and community-based care settings, what happens in Olympia impacts your work.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


2:30pm – 3:30pm

Reach For the Sky – Spitting in the Face of the Staffing Crisis

Steve Moran

Senior Living is in the middle of the worst staffing crisis they have ever experienced. Steve will be sharing specific and proven strategies for becoming the senior living employer of choice in any market. It is possible to have team members that love coming to work every day.

  AL     ESF     SNF  

9:30am – 11:00am

Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program for Nursing Homes

Melissa Lawton – CMPRP Grant Specialist, DSHS/RCS

Does your skilled nursing facility need funds for projects or programs for training to improve quality of care or activities to improve quality of life for residents? Attendees will learn how to complete the grant application and requirements, get project ideas, and ask any questions they may have.



Long Term Care Efforts & Accomplishments: A Recap of 2023

WHCA Leadership

In this session, learn from the WHCA subject matter experts what key work has been done and what is continuing into 2024! Topics include: TB WACS, Emergency Planning, Transfers and Discharges, and more.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


1:00pm – 2:00pm

Assisted Living Nurse Leader Forum

Vicki McNealley, PhD, MN, RN – Director of Assisted Living, WHCA

Albert Munanga, DrBH, MSN, RN, HC – Chief Clinical Officer, Serengeti Home Care

This one-hour session is the start of a three-part series focused on the role of nurse managers in assisted living, where assisted living nurse leaders can gather in a safe space and brainstorm on issues facing the long-term care profession and specifically nurses working within the assisted living industry.

  AL     ESF  


Human Resources Gold Standard: Addressing Performance Plans & Disciplinary Actions

Lynette Hatcher,  SPHR, SHRM-SCP

This session will provide an overview of Performance Management with a focus towards preventing and managing challenging situations including separation. Learn tips to protect employee rights, increase employee retention and manage employment risk for your facility.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


COE- Facility Assessment Approach to Behavioral Health

David Rodriguez – Behavioral Health Specialist-Improvement Advisor, Comagine Health

This presentation will cover regulatory updates that pertain to BH and SUD as well as tools and resources available for skilled nursing facilities.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


2:30pm – 3:30pm

Infection Control/Change of Condition

Nina Sanderson – Senior Improvement Advisor, Comagine Health

An overview of the current regulatory requirements for Infection Prevention and Control training. During this session, we will discuss the required components of a robust infection control training program and the survey pathways used to evaluate those programs, as well as provide tools and resources you can easily adapt for your facility.

  AL     SNF  


Advance Care Planning in Long Term Care: Peace of Mind for Everyone

Hilary Walker

Oftentimes residents and their families are not approached about end-of-life choices and advance care planning efforts. Discover the best ways to start serious illness conversations and create an open and trusting dialogue, as well as formulate a working plan for the resident, family, and staff.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


Risk Management

Carin Marney – Shareholder, Lane Powell PC

This session will cover how to plan for and mitigate legal, regulatory, and reputational risk when a crisis occurs.  Learn best practices for internal and external communications ranging from families to media, strategies to reduce regulatory and civil liability exposure, and other tips for training and preparing your team on risk management.

  AL     ESF     SNF  

9:30am – 11:00am

Co-Advocacy and Patient Engagement: Take on the Challenge

Margaret Holm, JD, RN – Public Health Nurse Consultant, WA Board of Nursing

Tips to assist the nursing role to enhance patient-family centered care. Will address challenges and barriers encountered with implementing professional obligations of advocacy and engagement.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


Here’s the Scoop: Best Practices for Interacting with Surveyors and Licensors from RCS

Anna Facio – RCS Office Chief: Policy, Training, Quality Improvement and Informal Dispute Resolution

Come learn about the roles of headquarters staff working at Residential Care Services (RCS) at DSHS.  This presentation will cover the roles of key headquarters staff in Olympia, as well as the roles of the leaders in each region of the state.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


1:00pm – 2:00pm

Nursing Assistants 2024: Training & Testing Changes

Kathleen Moisio – Director of Nursing Assistant Programs, WA Board of Nursing

The Washington State Board of Nursing (WABON) has been working with interested parties across the state on major innovations to nursing assistant training and testing for the past several years. 2024 is the year it is all coming to fruition for actual implementation.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


Bringing Infection Prevention Education to Healthcare Workers Modules, Podcast, and Text Messaging

Madyson Schuh – WA DOH

After attending this presentation, participants will be able to recognize how infection prevention and control training has evolved to fit the learner audience through language and their schedule.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


2:30pm – 3:30pm

Overview of Respiratory Protection Program Requirements: Protecting Your Workers

Catherine Connon, PhD, RN, COHN-S – Occupational Health Nurse Consultant, WA DOH

Employers have an obligation to protect their employees from hazards in the workplace. Learn about the Respiratory Protection Program requirements and identify resources to help.

  AL     ESF     SNF  


Understanding Enforcement Remedies and Timelines for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Elena Madrid – VP of Education & Regulatory Affairs, WHCA

In this session, we will provide an overview of federal SNF enforcement remedies and timelines, as well as our state agency (DSHS/ALTSA/RCS) enforcement. We will also discuss the facility’s legal rights and options in relation to federal and state enforcement.



Ways to Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Tara Hawks, RN, BSN – LTC Quality Improvement Manager, DSHS/RCS

Kathleen Robl, RN, BSN – LTC Quality Improvement Manager, DSHS/RCS

Kathy Wrynn, RN, BSN – LTC Quality Improvement Manager, DSHS/RCS

This presentation will provide an overview of the RCS Long Term Care Quality Improvement Program. Attendees to this presentation will learn about how LTC QIP services can help them achieve regulatory compliance and improve care in their LTC setting.

  AL     SNF  

Registration Options


Session Access
The Virtual Winter Conference is hosted on Zoom. Access to all conference sessions will be sent via email prior to the conference.

More Information
We will be releasing additional information about the conference, agenda, speakers, and more over the coming weeks. Please check back soon for more details!

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