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Readiness Checklist

Readiness Checklist

Interested in applying to this apprenticeship?

Before applying to the LPN apprenticeship program, please review the checklist below and verify that you have all the necessary documentation and prerequisites ready. If you have any questions pertaining to academic readiness or the checklist itself, please contact Julia at

Download the LPN Apprenticeship Program Readiness Checklist

Note for employers: If you know of a highly capable and driven CNA working at your facility who you would like to see become a Licensed Nurse Practitioner, please provide the student with this form. It cannot be filled out by the employer.

The LPN Apprenticeship program partners with Edmonds College. Applicants must be accepted into the Practical Nursing Program at Edmonds college in order to participate in the apprenticeship program. Before applying for the apprenticeship, you will need to complete the following:


☐ Apply for and accept admission to Edmonds College.

☐ Receive a ctcLink ID number from Edmonds College to provide to the program as verification of your admission status. Please be sure to complete all new student “to do list” action items assigned in ctcLink.

☐ Apply for financial aid for 2024-2025 at Edmonds College by filling out the FAFSA or WAFSA.

☐ Complete all 7 prerequisite courses with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and no less than a grade of 2.0 in any one class. To calculate your cumulative GPA for your prerequisite courses, simply add up the GPA from each course, then divide that number by 7.

Courses Credits Grade Quarter Taken College**
ENGL& 101 – English Composition I 5
MATH& 146 – Statistics 5
BIOL& 211 – Cell Biology* 5
BIOL& 241 – Anatomy and Physiology I 5
BIOL& 242 – Anatomy and Physiology II 5
PSYC& 100 – General Psychology 5
CHEM& 121 – Intro to Chemistry 5

*May substitute BIOL& 160 for BIOL& 211

☐ **If you have completed these courses at a college other than Edmonds, you will need to obtain copies of your unofficial transcript(s) to begin the preliminary evaluation process, and will need to make an official request to transfer the credits to Edmonds College upon admittance to the Nursing Program. 

☐ Currently hold a valid MA/NAC certificate or license in Washington State, and have at least 6 months of direct patient care experience. Please be prepared to submit a copy of your certificate or license with your Practical Nursing Program application for special consideration in the application process.

☐ Have two people who can provide professional references and are willing to complete a Professional Recommendation Form that will be emailed out after you submit your Practical Nursing Program application.

☐ Complete the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skillsand be prepared to submit your scores for evaluation with your Practical Nursing Program application. There is a recommended score of “Proficient” or above (≥59%), and a reading subscore that is 50%.

☐ Be able and willing to travel 1-2 days per week to the Edmonds College campus and/or a clinical site in the greater north King or south Snohomish Counties. 


Any interested applicants who meet all or most of the criteria in this checklist need to contact Edmonds College Nursing Program Navigator, Julia Erickson ( Be sure to include this completed checklist and copies of unofficial transcripts so she can help further verify your readiness.

Please be aware that this readiness checklist is not a substitute for completing the Fall 2024 Practical Nursing Application with Edmonds College. Instead, this is a tool that will also help you fill out your PN program application.

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